Founder and CEO

Mukund Awsarmal - CEO of OMX Technologies Pune

He is a renounce entrepreneur by his personality and class. He has a big picture and responsible for the consistent running organization with a particular emphasis on developing in a holistic way. He has the good sense of humor about business development of the customers through his cumulative knowledge of IT Sector in last 12 Years.

The young, self-motivated, leader with great management and strengthen managing team in the company, result driven, insights the organization and resourceful managing director with a proven ability. Mr. Mukund Awsarmal is genuine with his work which is experienced by 1200 clients till date. He is the supreme member in decontaminating, reviewing, developing the strategies and give direction to the corporate governing body.

Being experienced person in IT sector & being a director of OMX Technologies, he know how to grow in areas like research opportunities, employment and effortless at IT sector. Under his able leadership the OMX is marching towards the concrete structure in Qualitative & Quantitative way. Mr. Mukund Awsarmal is Graduate in computer science & also done Master of Business Administration which reflects in his steps in growing business ideas by innovative way. Taking sufficient experience in Google India, In March, 2014 he started his own business by putting vision to help the others to grow the business.

He is President of Yashwant Foundation. Due to his focused vision the OMX is super reseller of GoDaddy and dealing with all IT services. As he is a son of farmer, who knows how to sow the right seed at the right place. Growing business of the customer is the sowing of right pages in logical way. The motive besides developing digital marketing company is to take everything that comes on a path without differentiation and in pure way like the river.

In last 4 years the reach is 500+ customers in different services of digital marketing service through website development, SEO, Social media marketing in India. He succeeded to put footprints of OMX in abroad countries like Japan, United Kingdom, USA etc. Respecting the employees is the one of his quality nature. OMX is awarded as a most promising websites and top ranking in SEO. OMX success is all because of the vision, team building and continued services of all employees.

“Customer satisfaction is prime goal of OMX by improving their online presence”

The best fitting Punch Line, which suites to him in all the way to his personality is;

“The best way to do business is to use yourself in the services of others”