Mukund Awsarmal - CEO of OMX Technologies Pune

He is a renounce entrepreneur by their personality and class. He has a big picture and responsible for the consistent running organization with a particular emphasis on developing in a holistic way. He has the good sense of humor about politics and keeps energizing them for their best outlook. This is about a young, self-motivated, leader with great management and strengthen managing team in the company, result driven, insights the organization and resourceful managing director with a proven ability. Mr. Mukund Awsarmal is genuine with his work. He is the supreme member in decontaminating, reviewing, developing the strategies and give direction to the corporate governing body. He is an experienced person in IT sector. Being a director is not just putting up the concrete structure and making the balance sheet grow in numbers.

Being director of OMX Technologies, that precedence aim has to grow in such areas to give research opportunities, employment and effortless at IT sector. In 2007, Mr. Mukund Awsarmal completed his Bachlors in computer science from BAMU University. After that, he did MBA . In March, 2014 he started his business and he made his company setup in April. 2014.

He is President of Yashwant Foundation. OMX is super reseller of GoDaddy and dealing with all IT services due to his vision.He is a farmer and he knows how to bow the right seed at the right place. He think business in not a joke and he don’t think about profit and loss for their business. For him OMX is like a Ganga, a river that turns into Ocean. The motive besides our company is to take everything that comes on a path and grow with them like the river do. They have 500+ customers in different services like digital marketing service, Real Estate. They are working in India from 4 years. They respect all people who work with them. OMX is awarded as a most promising websites and top ranking in SEO. OMX success is all because of the efforts and hard work of Mr. Mukund Awsarmal.

Quality SEO

Marketing has undergone a major shift in perspective. This is where OMX Technologies steps in. OMX is an Web Development ,SEO & Best Digital Marketing company in Pune. We claim to be a leader in the search engine marketing industry since 2013 commanding position in the field of web design, website development, search engine optimization and other related quality link building services. We are one of the most advanced online marketing agencies helping both large and small businesses achieve their full potential online. We have been known to walk that extra mile with our clients in helping them visualize what they want out of their business.

Skilled Research

At OMX, we dominate the field of developing e-Commerce solutions and web marketing strategy. We can proudly boast of our understanding of the dynamics of online marketing tactics to usher in the maximum traffic and sales for your website. As a Professional SEO firm, we believe that being ‘Digital’ is a state of the mind and an art of doing business. Experienced in the domain of Online Trade, we know quality targeted traffic takes time to build and cultivate and we work hard to get your job done well. We have a serious research team that has compiled the latest, comprehensive research data to thoroughly assess and position your company’s website at the top of today’s major search engines.

Committed to delivering ‘Quality’

We are committed to connecting customers to your website for a memorable experience with your brand by using digital tactics that work – from search marketing and Web development, to social media, and mobile solutions. We understand customer behavior, and respond with online programs and experiences that cater to them, helping those customers find what they’re looking for.

We are India’s premier affordable internet marketing option that your business just can’t do without.

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